We have experienced and qualified personnel in various sector to provide you better service.

Software Development

At Codesheep, we offer software development services to plan and deliver quality software reliably and promptly. We aim at designing, engineering, deploying, and evolving various software types. We aim to cover the overall stages of creating a software product; from detailed planning of features to release and rollout and regular updates for customers' convenience. We believe in benefitting our customers from our high-quality software products and at a reasonable price.

Web App Development

We have a dedicated and experienced team focusing on all sorts of web applications such as dynamic various responsive, eCommerce to name a  few. We design and create websites as desired by our clients. We also assist in setting up emails and other widgets required for our customers.  The security and performance of the application is a top-tier function of our institution concerning the flexibility and accessibility of future technology.

Web Hosting

Codesheep offers multiple types of web hosting services like shared cloud hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, to name a few. It is crucial to have good web hosting so a quality service is provided to the public and Codesheep does just that. We make an effort to make web hosting reliable and authentic.

UI/UX Design

We have a team of professionals who have a firm understanding of the beauty and usability of graphics that mirrors the values of the users. Our mission is to present information creatively, keeping in mind that our designs can cautiously carry our institution's ideas to our users. We aim to establish a trustworthy and unique visual presence using a range of communication. Creative Esay to use and attractive User Interface that meets the ambitions of our clients.


Reliable documentation is a must for our institution to understand the underlying technology and help users learn the quality of the basic and effectively, we focus on keeping track of all areas of an app that improves the quality of our software products. We emphasize documentation that encourages ideas exchange on documentation that encourages ideas exchange within the team creating independent and easy components, applications, schemes, and web services. Our documentation ensures consistency and efficiency for everyone involved and standardizes the process for the desired outcome.


Codesheep offers cross sectors counseling that helps develop a confidential professional relationship focusing on the difficulties of our clients. The objective of our counseling is to help you clarify issues, gain insight into thoughts and curiosity about various software programs and applications. We are available at your service to answer all your tech queries and guide you through any obstacles.

Research & Development

One of our major efforts is to conduct continuous research and investigation that results in a new discovery of our service or enhance the existing offering. It is our belief that contrary to the theoretical aspect such research is applied because its results will have real-world users. It's our prime focus to invest and prioritize more in R & D to meet the demands of our clients.